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Courses online, hybrid and seminars.

The online courses and programs we offer will widen the interest of students in government structures and passion for legal policies propelling students forward into careers across civic, private, and public sectors.

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We as an organization envision providing solutions to enhance the student’s understanding of Public Policy,

UN Human Rights Chart, and the concept of Diplomacy

Courses & Seminars

Our programs will supplement students with knowledge pertaining to the implication of public policy and diplomacy through our hybrid courses on areas such as diplomatic protocol, consular affairs, etiquette, national security, economic affairs, employment, and regulation.

Sustainable Developement Diplomacy

You will learn about current international relations issues and have a chance to do hands-on research and build your database on sustainable development diplomacy.

Business Development

This course is meant for those who have business ideas, market researchers, and financial analysts and want to explore the steps they should take to make that idea a reality.

Eloquent Leader

You will be urged in this course to share your strong convictions, with words that persuade and move others to action, not words that pander or compromise.

Understanding Public Policy

 Understanding basic public policy helps you speak knowledgeably about what’s going on in the world around youth. Individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs.

Peace Building

The peace-building practice involves creating sustainable peace in societies that have experienced violent conflict.

Negotiation & International Conflict

This course is suitable for anyone who has to negotiate with people they don’t know or when they do know them, but the situation is complicated. It is also helpful for people who work in international relations because negotiation skills are essential to resolving disputes.

Understanding & Applying Basic Public Policy

You can better advocate for yourself and those who need support or assistance.