Become a Sustainable Development Diplomacy Officer

Benefits of becoming a sustainable development diplomatic leader

  • You could take the knowledge from this course and use it as a stepping stone into political science or law school graduate programs.
  • You will learn about current international relations issues and have a chance to do hands-on research and build your database on sustainable development diplomacy.
  • You could work as an analyst or consultant for businesses, governments, or non-profit organizations that deal with global affairs and sustainability-related topics.
  • The course is open to anyone interested in international relations or sustainable development. . Participants who take this course will become better able to promote sustainable development abroad and at home by providing knowledge on critical topics such as inequalities, natural resources, climate change, economic challenges, and more.
  • The course will be online and Hybrid. The system is for government officials, nonprofit organizations, businesses, professionals, UN delegates, international relations, City officials, mayors, governors, banks, corporations, and global and local community leaders. It is the cutting-edge solution and whoever needs to make a sustainable change.

About Sustainable Development Diplomacy

This course encourages the creation of possibilities for development through inclusive education and respectable employment.


24h 7/7