Peace Building

Informing you on the world politics.


This course teaches us how to develop community trust, excellent communication, safety, and strong relation between countries and communities to promote dialogue. Peacebuilding describes actions beyond crisis intervention or conflict management, such as long-term development that concentrates on creating societal, governmental, and non-governmental (including religious) structures that support peaceful, constructive means of resolving disagreements.

The Benefits of Peace Building

The practice of peacebuilding involves creating sustainable peace in societies that have experienced or experienced violent conflict.

Peace Building entails creating positive interpersonal, social, and political ties across racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic divides. It tries to change the underlying factors that lead to deadly conflict and find peaceful solutions to injustice.

Peace Building also helps you understand the nature of terrorism, how it comes about, and how it can be fought through political and military ways.

The goal of peacebuilding initiatives is to keep conflict from rising.

This course is meant for those who wish to understand how to create peaceful solutions to improve their community, nation, or planet.

What will make you get motivated in this course

This course will teach you more about the different aspects of conflict resolution and how to use them in your life. You will be able to learn about how peacebuilding is being used in other communities and how it can be applied in my life. It will give you skills to work with people who have been through traumatic experiences and know what to do. It also focuses on decision-making, negotiation, anger management, violence prevention, empathy, and other helpful skills.


Institute of Public Policy & Diplomacy Research


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