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The Institute of Public Policy & Diplomacy Research is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization

In 2008, IPPDR (formerly LIRE, a literacy program) was born with a mission under the direction of Humanitarian Focus Foundation: to ensure education for all. Our journey began with a deep commitment to bridge educational gaps, especially in rural areas. In 2011, we were honored and awarded the accomplishment of the program 2011 by Walden University.

What sets IPPDR apart is our dedication to human rights education. We extended our reach beyond classrooms, delving into policy advocacy and diplomacy. Collaborating with governments, organizations, and communities, we worked to integrate human rights education into curricula, fostering a world where these rights are universally understood and upheld.

Today, IPPDR continues to evolve, embodying the belief that education is not a privilege but a fundamental right. Join us on our mission at our website, where we’re making education and human rights accessible to all.

The Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research is an institutional organization that strives to be an academic platform to promote lifelong learning education for all and to train students to develop an economic, political, good governance, leadership, and social system that determines a future that is safeguarded and sheltered toward a sustainable future.

Our main purpose is to support students to develop strategies, and mechanisms through hybrid courses offered so they can form, and implement policies for the welfare of citizens, and government programs that will help them to achieve their goals both on a national and International level.

We as an institute encourage distance learning students to be exposed to a wide range of modern online learning techniques of their choice such as peer reviewing, class blogs, discussion boards, and Flipped classroom techniques which will encourage self-study, give them opportunities to clarify questions whilst also enabling students to interact, share, and expand their knowledge with each other in the student forum.


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